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Our Practitioner Collective

registered acupuncturist & reiki master practitioner 

Dr. Marcie (Marzieh) Shirdelan, Registered Acupuncturist and Osteopath Practitioner, R.Ac., DOMP, MD

I am an international graduate medical doctor with a specialization board in pediatrics. I worked for over fifteen years as a pediatrician in Iran. 


After my family and I immigrated to Canada in 2008, I obtained a diploma in osteopathic manual practice from the National College of Osteopathy in Toronto. After a few years of work as an osteopath, as the Western world became more accepting of holistic healing alternatives, I decided to study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to gain further knowledge in treating my patients. I returned to school for three years at PCU College to become a Registered Acupuncturist.


After two years of working as an acupuncturist at Gathered Roots, I realized I had finally found my home. In May 2020, I took over the business from the previous owner and made Gathered Roots my final destination in this long journey.

Through these years of study and work, I have gained an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and psychology. I have learned how the human body works according to both Western and Eastern medicine philosophies. Combining these two systems has given me the best tool to provide an individually customized treatment for my patients which goes beyond treating symptoms in order to address the root cause of the disease.

Techniques I am using to help patients include acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, tuina massage, manual osteopathy therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises, and dietary advice. 

The problems that I can help you with include:
1. Prenatal care or pregnancy-related issues, such as morning sickness, constipation, musculoskeletal pain, hypertension, and preparation for birth. This area is the focus of my practice, given its effectiveness and potential to help my patients.  
2. Fertility issues, such as PCO, fibroids, hormonal imbalance, and sperm disorders.
3.  Internal disorders, such as facial pain and palsy, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, peptic ulcer, IBS, constipation, painful menstruation, irregular periods, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems.
4.  A wide variety of injuries and complaints, such as neck pain, whiplash, TMJ pain, back pain, disc injury, sciatica, sports injuries, tendinitis and bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, and migraine headache. 

I look forward to supporting my patients to be their healthiest, happiest selves, now and in the future! 

Marni Banks, Master Reiki Practitioner and Master Reiki Teacher, Radiant Journey

OOOOH this is really happening!! When Fiona asked me if I wanted to be part of Gathered Roots as a guest practitioner, without hesitation or thought, I said YES! I am honoured to be part of this Community Clinic and am excited to be working with other wonderful and talented practitioners.

I started my journey to Reiki in a roundabout way. As a child and young teenager, I always had what I called “hot hands” and it wasn’t until I had a Tea Leaf reading in my early teens that I got some insight as to why; my tea leaf reader said that I had “healing hands” and was very intuitive (in tune with other people’s auras and energies). Through my teen years, I found some friends at school who also seemed to be interested in the same type of mind/body connections that I was and it was through these friends where I learned little more about healing energies, the tip of the iceberg, which eventually lead me to seek more information about intuitive arts and “healing” via energy and body/mind connections. 


Many years later and lots of research into intuitive arts I happened upon Reiki. I was trying to find a way to use my “healing hands” to help my mom with her osteoarthritis pain and a friend at work suggested that I look into Reiki. I had heard a little about Reiki before and had experienced it a little myself, so was definitely determined to find someone who could teach me. It was through my Chiropractor that I was able to find a great teacher and was certified as a Level 3 Practitioner in November 2013. Reiki has helped channel the energy of my “healing hands” so it has a lasting and even more beneficial effect. 

Reiki has had a profound impact in my life, in more ways than just energy healing. It has a broad reach & not only do I use Reiki as a solo practice in energy healing but I also use it when doing intuitive work. Reiki opens up your Chakras (unblocks stagnant energy) which allows your natural energy to flow through your body with ease, creating better health, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Marni is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Instructor. She is available for Reiki sessions, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing.

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