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Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 16% of Canadians smoke cigarettes; however, the majority of smokers express a desire to quit. Fortunately, quitting smoking is possible, but it is one of the hardest addictions to beat.

There are many tools to assist you in your goal of quitting smoking. You might have heard of nicotine patches or gums, e-cigarettes, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter cessation products. Unfortunately, even after the nicotine has left your system, cravings can persist.

Acupuncture is one of the most helpful tools and effective natural treatments for helping you break the cycle of addiction. Nowadays, many smokers prefer to use traditional Eastern approaches to smoking cessation. These natural approaches offer promising results and have been shown to curb your cravings and assist in overcoming nicotine addiction, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Eastern Approach:

Acupuncture, particularly ear or ‘auricular acupuncture’ helps with smoking cessation in a number of ways. It decreases levels of agitation and anxiety, curbs cravings and lessens irritability. It promotes relaxation and helps detoxify the body. Acupuncture can also restore the body’s equilibrium and help with the healing process. Certain acupuncture points have particular effects on the psychological sphere and can be very effective in helping people who are going through withdrawal.

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) was founded in 1985 to promote the integration of a systematic protocol in the treatment of addiction. The NADA protocol as it exists today consists of the insertion of small, stainless-steel, disposable acupuncture needles into five points on the outer surface of a person’s ear. The points used in the NADA protocol are Sympathetic, Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, and Lung. In a typical session, both ears of the patient are needled at the same time, usually for 30-45 minutes.

  1. Shen Men is also known as the ‘spirit gate’ point in Chinese medicine. It is the central grounding point, calms the mind, and centres the core of the person.

  2. Kidney encourages trust, self-worth, inner confidence, will power, and calming of fears.

  3. Lung balances and encourages healthy lung function, as well as help with feelings of grief and letting go.

  4. Liver regulates and harmonizes adequate Qi and blood flow, for detoxification. It also aids in promoting acceptance and smooth energy flow, and alleviating depression, and feelings of frustration or being stuck.

  5. Sympathetic balances the autonomic nervous system and the immediate stress reaction known as the fight or flight response.

At Gathered Roots, we provide a safe, natural, and effective way to help you quit smoking. A typical treatment will last roughly 30-45 mins, on a weekly basis, for about 8-10 weeks. Patients who receive the treatment report feeling lighter and more energized, a reduction in cravings and anxiety, improved sleep and greater optimism towards quitting. Book your appointment today to move towards a healthier you!

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